Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friends at The Archives

This past Thursday we were honored to talk about our book at the National Archives in Kansas City. What a great staff, facility and resource. Kimberlee did a wonderful job of coordinating and promoting the event. Dee and the staff created a beautiful "just for the evening" display. Peggy at The Kansas City Store located onsite was also a pleasure to work with.

We got to see many friends from UMKC, Rockhurst University, Roeland Park UMC and the KC Modern group. We enjoyed meeting associates and customers of Harzfeld's and heard some great reminiscing. Thanks to all that attended.

Some UMKC Friends Photo: Nona Cady

Photo: Nona Cady

This Thursday we're excited to be presenting at the Kansas City chapter of the Brandeis National Committee's Book and Author Luncheon. More information on our recent events post.

Today's Links

A new collaboration including locally owned boutiques have a new space in the Power and Light District. The Garment District Boutique offers fashions and accessories in a location just two blocks south of where Sieg Harzfeld started the Parisian Cloak Company in the early 1890s. It's exciting to see retail returning to downtown Kansas City.
Article from the Kansas City Business Journal

Misty Gamble's exhibit, Primping and the Currency of Worth, will run from March 4-April 24 at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art.


  1. This all looks very cool! Wish I could join the fun. You two look great!

  2. My Grandmother was a model for Harzfeld's in the 1920's. Her name was Anna Mash Stanfield.

  3. Toni, Thanks so much. Wish you could also.

    Bonnie, That's awesome. We would love to hear more about your grandmother and her time with Harzfeld's. Please email us with more details at info@harzfelds.com.


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