Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More from the Webster House Event

Here's guest Judy Hubbard and Michele. Judy brought in her wedding photo from 1960; the dress was from Harzfeld's.

Gayle Hutchens of the Webster House coordinated the event. She was very fun to work with. We're grateful to her and the rest of the hospitable Webster House staff for providing such an amazing space for us to present our talk and display the exhibit. Thanks to all for a fun weekend!

Two more fashions from the Historic Garment District Museum. The one on the left is by irene and the one on the right is by Norman Norell.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Webster House, but didn't find time for dessert. Gayle sent us home with a couple slices of the "Hat Box Cake." We know, neither of the box shapes appeared to be for a hat, but Gayle, rightfully, thought the name sounded better. It was delicious with homemade strawbery jam between the layers of cake and creamy frosting. Yum!

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  1. I recognize the plates as Fiestaware.
    B. Daley


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