Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oread Inn

The boutique sized location of Harzfelds in Lawrence, Kansas, which closed in the '50s, will now be the site of the Oread Inn, opening in 2010.

On the Hill in Lawrence, Kansas April 30 post


  1. Seriously, this is so very puzzling to those of us who worked at Harzfeld's---neither my husband nor myself can recall anybody ever mentioning the Lawrence location. Being "boutique-sized", it must not have amounted to much. And having closed in the 50's didn't help either, as no one from that era was around to verify anything on it by the time we entered the scene. Heaven knows I spent part of that last year calculating percentage increases/decreases of sales totals for the record, and it never was anywhere close to the radar. There were no mementos uncovered in the move from downtown to Ward Parkway that would betray the existence of this location.

    Strange. Very strange.

  2. Hi... I think I've finally figured out how to reply to posts... we'll see if this works...

    The Lawrence location was actually the first outside of downtown KC. It was started in 1923, six years prior to the Columbia location. I think it was really too small compared to the larger expansions of post-war times to stay in operation. It's understandable that because of its size and the decades that past, it would have easily fallen off most radars.

    Thanks so much for your post.


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