Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sorry, we had no choice but to use the pun.

The cover of the 1979 Holiday catalog from Harzfeld's features a 19th century painting of a cat. We think this is a pretty risky, minimalist yet elegant cover. The Harzfeld's "signature" must have been superimposed. Inside you can find this offer:

Right off our Cat-alog Cover
A. Charming late 19th century painting from the J. Babbin collection of pussycats. People loved the Harzfelds cat so much we had a lithograph run off for collectors. You can begin your collection of Harzfelds cats right now. 20"x16". 8.00 (1.30) B. We also have 24 postcards (they make a great thank you). 6.00 (.90) idiosyncrasies, Cover Photo: Barbara Seller

Does anyone know more? We've searched on "Babbin" with no luck. Was this painting in the store?

Consider a recycled cat: Animal Haven KC

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