Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cabinet

A few months ago we acquired a great piece of Harzfeld's history, a large display cabinet. The story is too long for one post, so we'll "break it up" a bit. Yes, as you can see from the image, a leg has been broken off, but I'll soon have that fixed. Maybe these posts will prevent me from procrastinating on that project.

We first learned of the cabinet from an eBay listing, which coordinated with a local live auction. We also heard from the kind owner of the cabinet, who left a message on our answering machine to inform us of the pending sale. (We lost your message and number, so if you read this, thank you.)

Excited about the prospect of owning the piece, we prepared to make the trip to the Lone Jack, Missouri auction house on a Saturday this past Spring.

to be continued...

btw - The book is coming along with most of the images together. The manuscript needs a lot of work over the next two months.

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