Friday, April 3, 2009

Kansas City Garment Industry

In 2002, this "Oldenburgesque" sculpture was dedicated in honor of those involved with what was once the second largest garment industry in the U.S.

This industry is documented at the Kansas City Garment District Museum, located less then one block east of the sculpture on Broadway and West 8th Street. Ann Brownfield, director of the museum, is dedicated and enthusiastic. We greatly appreciate her assistance with our research.

Nelly Don, a garment manufacturer in Kansas City, is documented in a film and a book, both entitled Nelly Don: A Stitch in Time, by Terrence O'Malley. A must see and read, this dramatic story of one of the first and most successful self-made women millionaires in American business is told with interviews, vintage illustrations and photos. Mr. O'Malley has recently released a new film about the mob in Kansas City, Black Hand Strawman. It is currently showing to sold out audiences at Screenland. We hope to sneak in a showing this weekend.

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