Friday, April 17, 2009

Concrete and Paint

Harzfeld's Parisian found a new home on the southeast corner of main and Petticoat Lane in 1913. It was designed by architect John McKecknie, an early innovator in reinforced concrete construction. The Harzfeld's building facade, faced with glazed terra cotta details, was preserved as part of the Town Pavilion development in the mid '80s.

McKecknie was also a painter. The above 14" x 12" example captures a scene on Ward Parkway in 1924. It sold on ebay several years ago. We would love to see more examples of John's work, so let us know of any other examples.

John McKecknie Biography by Susan Jezak Ford from the Missouri Valley Special Collections in The Kansas City Public Library

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  1. What a great blog -- am looking forward to the book -- Harzfeld's -- downtown, the Plaza and Blue Ridge Center were great stores -- the downtown one being my favorite. I felt like such an elegant lady whenever I shopped there AND I had a Harzfeld's Credit Card in my 20's -- that, to me, was like a super platinum Am Ex card now!


Thanks so much for your comment! We'll likely make it public very soon.