Monday, January 3, 2011

Harzfeld's Comment


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  1. I came across your blog this evening-just calling up old businesses and favorites in Kansas City and other cities. I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas in the 1960's. We would come downtown KCMO to shop at Harzfeld's. My mother loved the store and so did I. I've browsed through and do remember the green striped gift and dress boxes. By the way, I still have my certificate stating that I have completed the Harzfeld's Jr. Hi Fashion Clinic on January 18,1964. The certificate is signed by Sue Hamilton/Fashion Consultant and Lorie Newhouse/Store Manager, and I also have the ribbon that was tied around it. I participated in a fashion show after that and my mother bought the dress and beautiful blue stacked heels that I wore in the fashion show. I have enjoyed browsing through your blog and would like to continue to visit-calling up old memories of this sort is enjoyable. Thankyou.


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