Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Creative Instigator

We have a friend. Her name is Jan. She has a blog called Creative Instigation.

Oh, if we could only put together words the way Jan does. She's a great inspiration and source of encouragement in moving forward with this blog and our manuscript. Michele and I have worked with her for many years going back to the early '90s at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. We are lucky to continue to cross paths professionally from time to time.

We don't have many words to paper for the book. Writing is not our area of expertise, but we're excited about the history of Harzfeld's and hope that will translate to the page. Our current focus is gathering around 75 images for the book. We have an outline and a few paragraphs started, but there's a great deal of work that needs to be done to complete the manuscript by the middle of August. Jan's posts are inspiring and continue to help us in focusing our energies.


  1. This post is the nicest gift I've received in a long time -- you're both so wonderful and talented, it's a joy to work with you. And even more fun to be friends! Thank you for the perfect start to a day -- and I can't wait to read the book!!

  2. I'm very belatedly reading this post. Small world time. My daughter loves that song, "It's a small world, after all ... " I used to work for Jan at UMKC. And I agree with everything you said about her.


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